busy weekend = late post

This week’s post was delayed because of a really busy Sunday. I spent the entire day driving to New Orleans and back (with a stop in Covington), but for good reason. It just so happened that the timing of an exhibition closing dovetailed wonderfully  with a necessary delivery.

The 46th Annual Juried Summer Show presented by the St. Tammany Art Association came to a close, and since I had driven the two paintings down there, that meant that I had to go pick them up. So I setup the pick up day for Sunday since Leigh’s schedule at the Bossier Arts Council includes Saturdays and there is no way I’m going to spend 10 hours in the car with Sophia (our 2.5 year old). However, it lucked out that I only had to bring one of the two paintings back home.

On Wednesday I got a call from Taylor at Graphite Gallery. Dirty Linen Night went well; he sold 3 of the 5 paintings I sent him, and he wanted more. Only one was available since the shows with NCLAC and Gallery Fine Arts Center are still running, and one of the paintings returning from Covington needed repairs (absolutely no fault of STAA). He was cool with a Sunday visit, so after I picked up the work from STAA I set off for Royal Street. I was psyched that I got to see the gallery and talk with Taylor face to face. He seems like a cool guy (also from Oklahoma) and I hope we can continue to work together.

the one that went to Graphite Gallery

the one that needs repairs

So after a good chat and a pit stop for food and gas I returned home to sleep, go to work on Monday, and attend the first of a 4 part series “Visual Artists Entrepreneur Intensive Training Program” facilitated by the Arts Council of New Orleans, and presented by the Shreveport Regional Arts Council. The first session was great, and I look forward to the remaining 3.

Although I was doing a lot of leg work this week, I was able to complete 2 pencil drawings.

This coming week will be busy with building a box to ship work down to the Alexandria Museum of Art, and buying lumber so I can build so more panels. For those interested, next week I will post pictures of the box as it’s built.

the painting headed to Alexandria Museum of Art

Thanks for checking in.