#7 is done while #8 eagerly awaits

Good news! My car is back. Unfortunately, I think I got too cozy with the rental. Oh well, I’m glad to have my car back just the same. Even though the bill is settled with the mechanic, I’m still offering the sale on the older works that I listed in a former post. If you haven’t taken the time to look at which ones are on sale, I suggest you do so soon.

Although this week was terribly busy, I was able to finish two more 10×10’s:

what’s to keep it from drying up?
acrylic on panel 10×10 in

there was an eager, greedy, restless look in his eye

there was an eager, greedy, restless motion in the eye
acrylic on panel 10×10 in

These two put the total at 7 (9 if you count the ones already at Graphite Gallery still for sale). This leaves me only 25 more to go till I complete my goal.

Also coming up this week is the reception for the 25th Annual September Competition at the Alexandria Museum of Art. I’m happy to be participating in the exhibition again this year. I’ll post pictures of the reception next week.


5 and One

I completed five new paintings this week. All are 10×10 inch acrylic on panel, and used cut vinyl (the process described in last week’s post). My goal is to have 32 finished by the end of October. Here are the first 5:

the devil is in the details, and god is in the mistakes
acrylic on panel, 10×10 in

with an apple in his mouth
acrylic on panel, 10×10 in

the bark will burn very well even when wet
acrylic on panel, 10×10 in

his heart and soul were in the scene and with his former self
acrylic on panel, 10×10 in

all folded over on top of itself
acrylic on panel, 10×10 in

If you’re an artist in the Bossier area you can really benefit visiting the Bossier Arts Council. Through the Artist’s One Stop local artists can have access to top-notch photo equipment and photo editing/design software. It’s completely free if you’re a member (which you should be anyways). All of us need good photos of our work to submit for exhibitions, and the staff at the Bossier Arts Council would be happy to help you learn how to use the equipment. They will even be offering free workshops on everything from excel to photoshop to setting up an artist’s website.

Out with the Old . . .

Last week I told you that I was going to mark down some of my older work. I chose five and cut the price by 50%. I also sent out an early notification on my facebook page ( Joshua Chambers : Art) a couple of days before I posted the info on here. One has already sold. Here are the remaining four:

"wholesome made for stringy meat" 44x54 acrylic on canvas, originally $1200 - now $600

“wholesome made for stringy meat” 44×54 acrylic on canvas, originally $1200 – now $600
This painting was published in New American Paintings

"it's for my surprise" 44x54 acrylic on panel, was $1200 - now $600

“it’s for my surprise” 44×54 acrylic on panel, was $1200 – now $600
this painting was published in New American Paintings

"next time, you be Santiago"

“next time, you be Santiago” 35×47 acrylic on panel, was $900 – now $450

"it's the difference between schooling and shoaling"

“it’s the difference between schooling and shoaling” 35×45 acrylic on panel, was $900 – now $450

If you are interested in purchasing, please contact me by email through my website, or through my facebook page.

Now, for the step-by-step I promised you:

Once the vinyl is applied (see photo from last weeks post) each panel receives several transparent coats of color until the desired color is achieved.

vinyl lettering is then removed, and two or three more coats of paint go on in order to cover the white of the gesso. This gives the surface an embossed look.

next, a smaller version of the same text is applied to the panel, and the figures or scenes are drawn on top of and around the text. In this photo the drawing is complete and the painting was just started.

Once the drawing is done, the painting is then completed.

The final step is to remove the vinyl.

The final product results in a subtle inclusion of the text within the picture plane.

A really lame labor day weekend

This post is going to be short. I had a crappy weekend. Our only car decided to breakdown on the way to a birthday party for one of my daughter’s friends. Something went horribly wrong, resulting with my transmission spilling it’s fluid all over a small patch of shoulder on I-20. I’m sure it’s going to be expensive. On a positive note to those of you who would like some new paintings, I may be marking them WAY DOWN from the typical $900 so I can help cover the cost of repairs. If you want to pre-shop, go to my website and look at all the 35×45 paintings.

As for the studio side of life, I was able to tape off and apply the vinyl on all 14 of the panels I made this week. I’ll be posting some step-by-step photos as they go. Here’s what they look like before any painting starts:


Stayed tuned for updates about the clearance/pay-for-repairs-sale.