5 and One

I completed five new paintings this week. All are 10×10 inch acrylic on panel, and used cut vinyl (the process described in last week’s post). My goal is to have 32 finished by the end of October. Here are the first 5:

the devil is in the details, and god is in the mistakes
acrylic on panel, 10×10 in

with an apple in his mouth
acrylic on panel, 10×10 in

the bark will burn very well even when wet
acrylic on panel, 10×10 in

his heart and soul were in the scene and with his former self
acrylic on panel, 10×10 in

all folded over on top of itself
acrylic on panel, 10×10 in

If you’re an artist in the Bossier area you can really benefit visiting the Bossier Arts Council. Through the Artist’s One Stop local artists can have access to top-notch photo equipment and photo editing/design software. It’s completely free if you’re a member (which you should be anyways). All of us need good photos of our work to submit for exhibitions, and the staff at the Bossier Arts Council would be happy to help you learn how to use the equipment. They will even be offering free workshops on everything from excel to photoshop to setting up an artist’s website.


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