#7 is done while #8 eagerly awaits

Good news! My car is back. Unfortunately, I think I got too cozy with the rental. Oh well, I’m glad to have my car back just the same. Even though the bill is settled with the mechanic, I’m still offering the sale on the older works that I listed in a former post. If you haven’t taken the time to look at which ones are on sale, I suggest you do so soon.

Although this week was terribly busy, I was able to finish two more 10×10’s:

what’s to keep it from drying up?
acrylic on panel 10×10 in

there was an eager, greedy, restless look in his eye

there was an eager, greedy, restless motion in the eye
acrylic on panel 10×10 in

These two put the total at 7 (9 if you count the ones already at Graphite Gallery still for sale). This leaves me only 25 more to go till I complete my goal.

Also coming up this week is the reception for the 25th Annual September Competition at the Alexandria Museum of Art. I’m happy to be participating in the exhibition again this year. I’ll post pictures of the reception next week.