gesso. sand. gesso. sand. gesso . . .

The show at Graphite Gallery featuring the works of Joey Slaughter and myself opened yesterday. I think it went well. The gallery sold 4 of my pieces before the show opened, so that’s pretty cool. I’m not sure how long the work will be up, so if you’re in New Orleans you should take  a trip up Royal Street and check it out.

There are two juried exhibitions that I plan to enter soon: The Surreal Salon 5,  and The Louisiana Purchase: 2nd National Biennial Juried Exhibition. The Surreal Salon is hosted by The Baton Rouge Gallery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Louisiana Purchase show is hosted by Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana. I was accepted into both shows the last time they went up, so here’s hoping for a second time.

The 17 new panels are still in the gesso stage, so it looks like I wont make my “30 paintings by the end of October” goal. Oh well. I still got a lot done.


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