new work, old books

I’ll start this post off with the new work:

i was trying, acrylic on panel, 10x10in

failed attempts and other happy things, acrylic on panel, 10x10in

their sins flung off by strength of faith, acrylic on panel, 10x10in

he cut loose the sandbags, but the balloon wouldn’t go any higher, acrylic on panel, 10x10in

The paintings I sent to Graphite Gallery are going over really well. I’m hoping to maintain a steady momentum in the studio so I can keep sending more work to New Orleans.

I submitted my entries to Surreal Salon 5 and the Louisiana Purchase Exhibition. I think these two will be the last exhibitions I submit to this year. I’m still planning on submitting to a couple of publications, especially New American Paintings. I really need to get started on new pieces for my solo show in Oklahoma, and the group show of narrative painters I was invited to in Baton Rouge next year. Hopefully, I’ll get to do some printmaking in the next couple of months. I really want to try working the text into some monotypes.

My studio has transformed from painting mode to packing mode as I make boxes to ship work to the gallery and to a buyer in Monroe. In the meantime, I’ve been rummaging through my old sketchbooks chasing threads of thought and mining for anything useful. Occasionally I have to stop and laugh at some of my writings from graduate school. You can tell I wasn’t getting any sleep. I’ve also decided to reread Art as Experience. If you’ve never read it, you should.


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