back to work

I received good news this week: one of my paintings, “next time, you be Santiago” was accepted into Surreal Salon 5! This is the second consecutive year I will be a part of the exhibition. Hopefully this year Leigh and I can attend the Soirée.

I also finished boxing 6 pieces headed for New Orleans, and 2 headed for Monroe. I’ll be shipping those out this week. It allways feels good to open up a little more space in the studio.

Also regarding Monroe, the Masur Museum of Art has started taking submissions for its 50th Annual Juried Competition. I was flattered when they asked if they could use my image for their promotional materials. Of course, I agreed.


It’s always a great exhibition, and all of the artists reading this should submit.

I’m gearing up for a show in Baton Rouge in February, and the show in Oklahoma in May, so to end, here is an image of the newest piece I’m working on. I’m an hour into it (unfortunately I don’t think you can see the drawing in the photo).



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