would you like to see them in person?

Good news! I received notice today that one of my pieces will be included in the 52nd Annual Juried Competition at the Masur Museum of Art. The exhibition opens March 4th and runs through June 20th. The juror is Sandra Q. Firmin and will attend the opening reception to provide her thoughts on the exhibition. Here is the piece that will be exhibited:

i have accelerated beyond control, acrylic on wood panel, 23x11.5

Wednesday I delivered my painting for the Critical Mass 3 exhibition at artspace here in Shreveport. I’m excited to hear what the visiting critique will have to say in response to all the submitted work. The show will be open from February 6th through April 4th with the opening reception taking place on February 5th. Here is the piece that will be exhibited:

the next step, therefore, was to enable, acrylic on wood panel, 35x45, 2014

Surreal Salon 7 has opened. The juror is the world renowned artist Shag. If you live in or near Baton Rouge, you should attend the Surreal Soiree (the pictures from past soirees look awesome). The show will run through the January 29th, so be sure to drop by before time runs out. Here is the piece that will be exhibited:

nice is better than good, acrylic on wood panel, 35x23, 2014

As always  you can see several pieces in person at Graphite Galleries in New Orleans, Ann Connelly Fine Art in Baton Rouge, and The Agora Borealis in Shreveport.




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