laughter is a risk

My solo show “Laughter is A Risk (and other struggles we choose for ourselves)” at the Bry Art Gallery will open to the public October 9 through November 2 with a reception on October 12, 5-7pm in conjunction with ULM Art Crawl. Gallery hours: Mon.-Thurs. 8-4:30, Fri. 8-11:30.

New images have been added to my website, and below are a few of the pieces that will be in the show.

affected by errors due to physical causes / and the windows and doors were covered in this way, acrylic on wood panel, 35×29

there are things i wish i could remember fondly / it hasn’t been that long, acrylic on wood panel, 29×35

the boy’s last hope / the result is that of an impression of continuous motion, acrylic on wood panel, 23×29

as long as life lasts / a few moments of awkward silence, acrylic on wood panel, 29×23

she was alone but she preferred him away / motions which differ slightly in their timing, acrylic on wood panel, 29×23

it’s a life of almosts / it costs all that we are, acrylic on wood panel, 23×29