If you missed the first opportunity to see the installation pieces at the Meadows Museum of Art, you have another chance. Saturday, July 14 11-3pm Further will be open to the public again. Bring the kids and get mindful with Little You Yoga. Shiver Shack Shaved Ice will cool us all down until 1:30 with their delightful treats. This every age event is free and open to all.


he finally owned himself, acrylic on shaped wood, glass, water, vinyl, rubber, and hose, 144x492x86


he wanted to know her better, acrylic on shaped wood and wire, 144x492x86


I’ve also updated the website to include new works for this year, including most of the “sad alphabet” series. Be sure to attend my solo exhibition at Artspace in Shreveport on August 30th to see all the new work in person.













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