stuck staring at your walls?

I hope all of you are safe and healthy. If you’re in a similar situation as me, you’ve been spending a lot more time inside. All of this time inside has increased my appreciation for the artwork my wife and I have collected over the years. Each one of these objects has eased the anxiety of social distancing, and given my brain other places to visit and wander while we wait for the curve to flatten. I feel fortunate to have built a collection with a wife that loves art more than I do, a daughter that loves to make art, and friends involved in all sorts of creative avenues.

While sequestered, I’ve been able to finish one large painting and prepare substrates for several more. Here is the most recently completed work:


“(stares unnecessarily at the sky) yes, yes”, acrylic on wood panel, 45×35

If you’re looking to add more art to your shelter, I suggest visiting Graphite Galleries, Ann Connelly Fine Art, The Agora Borealis, and RO2 Art. Add them to your Instagram feed. Each gallery is posting updates from their artists’ studios, tours of their galleries, and many other lovely things to look at. Several new pieces of mine arrived at Graphite and Ann Connelly just before social distancing and sheltering began, and I’m sure they would be happy to show you what they have on hand. Ann Connelly even put together this really great digital catalog of my work: