8-11 are finished, and the sale is almost over

During the past two weeks I was able to complete 8-10 of the 10×10’s. Here they are:

between two unlike things, acrylic on panel, 10×10

the bench we sat on a million years ago, acrylic on panel, 10×10

how do we connect? acrylic on panel, 10×10


The paintings that are on sale (mentioned in an earlier post) will only be on sale until the end of October. After October 31st, they will return to their previous list price. If you are interested in purchasing while they are on sale, please contact me. I am always will do set up a payment plan.

If you are in Alexandria, Louisiana soon, be sure to stop by the Alexandria Museum of Art. Their annual September Competition is on exhibit, but only for a limited time. Visit their website for more information.



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